Precarious Carnaval Useful Information

What is Precarious Carnaval?

Part-party, part-procession, part-performance extravaganza: Precarious Carnaval will be an unforgettable journey which will see a confetti of performances, roaming scenes and strange spectacles as well as sculptures, installations and street parties, staged in three acts and sited along the canal from Boothstown to Barton. Members of the public will be invited to walk the route, watch, take part and explore from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July 2019.


What can I expect?

The Audience will depart on their Carnaval Walk in groups of 30, every 10 minutes from the Box Office.

On Saturday the Box Office will be located next to the canal bridge off Booths Hall Way next to the The Moorings pub in Boothstown.

On Sunday the Box Office will be located on Patricroft Recreation Ground.

The Carnaval Walk will take approximately 1 hr on both Saturday and Sunday

For those waiting to depart on their Carnaval Walk, we have programmed some craft making activities on both Saturday and Sunday – activities will take place between 2pm and 5pm.

For those taking a Carnaval Walk “It will be dark as well as colourful, to reflect the complicated legacy of the industrial revolution that exploded right here from a mine in Salford. We’re using Brazilian Carnaval, where the world tips upside down for one day, to celebrate and question what’s going on.

We can’t ignore and are curious about what it means to work in a coal mine when there’s a global warming crisis; what it means to work with over 30 community groups and hundreds of volunteers when the UK feels so divided; and what it means to work with artists and carnaval from Brazil when there is a fascist president in power who is dismantling culture and violating human rights.” Lowri Evans, Lead Artist.


Do I need to book?

• You book your Carnaval Walk on arrival. The audience will depart in groups of 30 between 2pm and 4.30pm. 

• Please book onto your walk at the Box Office on arrival at Boothstown Marina (Saturday) or Patricroft Recreation Ground (Sunday).

• The Carnaval Walk groups will depart every ten-minutes from 2pm. 

• The last Carnaval Walk will depart at 4.30pm.

• The Carnaval Walk will take approximately 1 hour on Saturday & Sunday.


Will the performances on Saturday & Sunday be the same? 

Precarious Carnaval is made up of 3 acts, all of which are different:

• Act 1, Friday 5 July - Floating procession

• Act 2, Saturday 6 July – Carnaval Walk from Boothstown to Worsley

• Act 3, Saturday 7 July – Carnaval Walk from Patricroft Recreation Ground to Monton


Am I expected to follow the floating procession on Friday on foot? 

No, we are inviting members of the public to come out on to the canal towpath to watch the procession pass by.


How far is the Carnaval Walk?

Saturday - The Carnaval Walk is roughly 1.5 miles and is expected to take roughly 1 hour

Sunday - The Carnaval Walk is just over 1 mile and is expected to take just under 1 hour



The Carnaval Walk takes the audience along the canal towpath. There are no steps along the route, however, the ground can be quite uneven in places and is not always paved. 

If it would be helpful to talk through please contact us 0161 793 3178  |


Location Addresses/ Postcodes

Boothstown Marina: Quayside Close, Worsley, Salford M28 1YB

Worsley Humpback Bridge, Barton Road, Worsley, Salford M28 2PD

Monton Lighthouse: Parrin Lane, Eccles, Salford M30 8AN

Patricroft Recreation Ground: Edison Road, Eccles, Salford M30 7BL

Barton Aqueduct: Eccles, Salford M30 7AE


Age Suitability

Precarious Carnaval is suitable for all ages, we suggest 6+. It’s worth noting that the event on Saturday and Sunday involves a 1 hour walk along the canal.


Shuttle Bus

Saturday - A free shuttle bus will operate from Worsley to Boothstown to help those needing to return to Boothstown Marina.

Sunday - A free shuttle bus will operate from Monton (Dukes Drive) to Patricroft (Recreation Ground) to help those needing to return to Patricroft.



Precarious Carnaval is an outdoor event which will go ahead even if there’s a bit of rain, so ensure you dress appropriately. Sturdy footwear is recommended for those taking part in the Carnaval walk on Saturday and Sunday.

Equally, if the weather is good and the sun is shining, we recommend bring a sun hat, sun cream and a bottle of water.



We have teamed up with the following establishments to offer Precarious Carnaval audience members access to their toilets


• Boothstown Marina (start)

• Moorings Pub, Boothstown (start) 

• The Bridgewater Pub, Worsley (end)

• George’s Dining Room and Bar, Worsley (end)


• Patricroft Conservative Club, Patricroft (start)

• Crompton's at the Waterside Bar & Restaurant, Monton (end)


Use of the towpath during the event

There could be some disruption to users of the towpath while Precarious Carnaval is taking place especially on Saturday between Worsley and Boothstown from 1.30pm - 5.30pm and then on Sunday between Monton and Barton between 1.30pm - 5.30pm. Cyclists will be asked to dismount on those stretches while the event is taking place. The event is taking place with the permission of the Bridgewater Canal Company. 


For a full event overview go to the main Precarious Carnaval page. 


Contact Us: 0161 793 3178  |

Precarious Carnaval Useful Information